Best Colouring Services

Our colorist will custom design a formula that will compliment your natural color or create an entire new look. We offer a free consultation and a 15-minute blow-dry with all our color services. If you wish for a professional blowout after your color service we would be more than happy to schedule you a full appointment for an additional $50

Full Highlights

Micah   $150

Karen   $150

Steph   $130

Nicole  $120

Partial Highlights

Micah   $120

Karen   $120

Steph   $110

Nicole  $100

Highlights and Colour

Micah   $175

Karen   $175

Steph   $155

Nicole  $145

Double Process

Micah   $180 and Up

Karen   $180

Steph   $160

Nicole  $160

Single Process Colour

Micah   $100

Karen   $100

Steph   $90

Nicole  $90

Base Colour / Regrowth

Micah   $90

Karen   $90

Steph   $80

Nicole  $80

Dino Tolentino – Canada’s Best Hair Colourist

Dino Tolentino’s Base Colour: First Appointment: $200. All other Appointments: $100

Dino Tolentino’s Partial / Full Highlights, Colour and Highlights, Balayage, Ombre: First Appointment Starting at: $250. All other Appointments Starting at: $200

Other Colouring Services

Colour Correction
Starting at: $200
Starting at: $200
Starting at: $200
Men’s Color
Smart Bond Addon


For any specialty colouring or colour correctional work, pricing will be done upon consultation.