Salon Solis New Client Waiver

Dear Valued Clients,

On behalf of the Salon Solis team we kindly ask that you review the questionnaire below to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect our clients and our Salon Solis team.

You will be asked to review the questionnaire and sign in upon arrival at the Salon.

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

Choose any/all that apply.

Fever (feeling hot to the touch, a temperature of 37.8 degrees Celsius or higher)

Yes        No


Yes        No

Cough (continuous, more than usual, making a squeaky or whistling noise when breathing)

Yes        No

 Shortness of Breath (out of breath, unable to breathe deeply)

Yes        No

Sore Throat

Yes        No

Hoarse Voice (more rough or harsh than normal)

Yes        No

Runny, Stuffy or Congested Nose

Yes        No

Loss of Taste or Smell

Yes        No

Headache/Nausea/Vomiting/Stomach Pain

Yes        No

Fatigue (lack of energy, extreme tiredness)

Yes        No

Have you travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days?

Yes        No

Have you or someone you are in close contact with tested positive for COVID-19? 

Yes        No

If the answer is “YES” to any of these questions we will  kindly ask you to reschedule your appointment.


Welcome to Salon Solis. We are delighted to work together with you to create the look you want and to provide all the advice we can with regard to that look.

If you like, you can click here to email with a photo of your current hair, and we will reply back with a free consultation, and a fair quote.

Because you are new clients to our business (which has been operating for more than 16 years), for your sake, and ours, we outline below what we do, and what you should expect.

  • We require a $100.00 deposit if you schedule an appointment with Dino or Ernesto. To facilitate this, please be prepared to provide your credit card number over the phone to a member of our booking staff during the on-phone confirmation of your appointment.
  • You will receive a full consultation which will include full consideration of the look you want to achieve, and the ways that might be done, if possible.
  • If, after the consultation, you choose not to proceed, we will refund half of the deposit to cover the costs of the consultation since you will be assisted by Dino (colour) and Ernesto (cut) as the case may be, and each is a recognized expert in his field.
  • If you cancel your appointment 48 hours before the scheduled time, your deposit will be refunded. There is no charge to change the time of the appointment providing it is within 7 days of the cancelled date. If you reschedule and decide not to proceed after your consultation, the deposit is not refundable.
  • Salon Solis retains the right to refuse to perform any service which we have recommended against.
  • During the consultation, we will explain if more than one appointment may be required to achieve your desired goal. Your goals will be considered in balance with the style and/or colour you want; the condition of your hair when you come for the consultation; the texture and nature of your hair; the colour of your hair when you come for consultation along with the effects of previous colourings not done by our Salon, and of course, the condition of your hair and its effect on tolerance for the style and/or colour you wish to achieve.

Our Salon has a long history and we are experienced professionals.  We insist on the consultation to ensure that you will not have unrealistic expectations, or, on the other hand, if it might be possible to achieve even more than you hope.  However, if you choose to proceed after a consultation where we will answer any and all questions you have, and give you our full attention and advice. Please note that we cannot entertain requests for refunds since the service performed must be paid for in full at the time of it’s completion, and it is non-refundable.

We do not expect all of our new clients to like our styling designs or techniques, which is why we provide a full opportunity to review those before proceeding.  We fully appreciate that tastes differ and that hair is an extremely important element of your life and we want to be sure you are satisfied.

If the foregoing is acceptable to you, clicking the “ACCEPT THIS WAIVER” button below to signify your full acceptance of this agreement. You will then be taken to the next step of your booking appointment in which you can specify the details of the services you wish to request from Dino and Ernesto.

Upon completion of the Online Booking Appointment form, you will be contacted by a member of the Solis Booking Staff to confirm all of your details. This on-phone confirmation will also give you an opportunity to provide your credit card number for the $100 deposit.

We look forward to meeting you and, we hope, to making you completely content with the service you choose.


Dino and Ernesto

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