Ernesto Domanico

If 25 years in the hair industry isn’t enough, a classic print portfolio and mingling with some of Canada’s top T.V. personalities makes Ernesto Domanico the Top haircutting and makeover hairstylists in Toronto.

Heralded as one of the major figures in Canadian hair, Ernesto knew from his early days that he wanted to be a great stylist. Following his dream, he began a five year internship and opened his first hair salon at the impressive age of twenty-eight. In 1999 he opened his flagship Yonge Street salon which is recognized today as the Toronto’s Best Hair Salon and Makeover Studio.

He has transformed and helped develop models for agencies such as Elmer Olson. His cuts are legendary. Known for his style and passion of his craft. Ernesto’s scissors are SHARP, and his result is absolute. Always one step ahead of the crowd with innovative hair, in many ways, Ernesto is the Andy Warhol of hair design. His vast body of work includes everything from ground-breaking glam rock and hard-edged Goth to chic romantic futurism, with looks ranging from the subtle and soft to the sleek and crisp.

He has given himself to hair design, and the results speak for themselves. Throughout his hairdressing career Ernesto has revelled in his craft and has worked in visionary ways to revitalize the hair industry in Canada. His session work is featured nationally, and he frequently participates in shows and seminars, presenting his cutting edge designs and creative techniques to a wide and appreciative audience.

Ernesto’s unique hairdressing talents, professional approach and marvelous personality make him the obvious choice to inspire the next generation of stylists. He’s passionate about hairdressing and works hard to bring people forward in their craft. Ernesto’s team of enthusiastic young professionals, burning with ideas, ideals and talent, are proof of his belief that hairdressing is a way of life – not a job!

A recipient of the prestigious Canadian Avante Gard Hairdresser of the Year award, in the world of hair Ernesto is haute couture and is best known for creating glamorous red carpet looks. But versatility is his forte. He also has an eye for the “here and now” and can make a client look glamorous, sophisticated, casual or tailored. He is respected for his classic styling, beautiful cuts and renowned for the best blow drying and polished finishing in Toronto.

When you sit in his chair, be prepared to be blown away!



Ernesto Domanico Toronto's Ontario's Canada's World's Best Hairdresser and Hair Colorist
Ernesto’s pricing is $150. A $100 deposit is required at the time of booking. Pricing may vary. Please book a consultation prior to your appointment for the most accurate pricing quote.

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