Finally!!!!! Someone who can deal with fine, poker straight hair without complaining about what a challenge it is, and giving me the kind of cut that makes me think he was born to deal with difficult hair like mine. After about 18 years of salon-hopping since moving Toronto, I have finally found my resting place. Ernesto gave me a fabulous cut, perfect for me, easy for me to deal with and grows out beautifully. Dino transformed me with some really bold highlights – he told me to trust him and he was right! And not only do they both do great work, but they are fun to talk to – had some really good laughs while I was there. Also, the service is excellent from the second you walk in the door – you are made to feel valued as soon as you hit the top of the stairs. Definitely recommend this place – especially to anyone who has been frustrated with poor to mediocre stylists in the city who charge through the nose (which Salon Solis does not!)

Sandra Stoll