Like the last reviewer, I have meaning to write this for a long time – I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I wanted to give this review the time and thought it deserves!A year ago I decided I had enough of not giving myself (and my HAIR!) the quality and attention it deserves. This came from many years of personal growth and I came to realize I wanted to value myself in a different way, instead of treating myself as second rate (being “never good enough”). To provide just a bit of context – I come from an Asian background, and I grew up in an environment where price overrides all other considerations … maybe a lot of you out there will be aware of the plethora of $15-$20 haircuts in the Markham/Scarborough region!I did my research and looked at reviews from all the best hair salons in Toronto and I found Salon Solis. I was impressed to see the consistent positive reviews and decided it was worth a shot – that if I was going to value myself, I might as well go for the best!Needless to say, Ernesto and everyone and Salon Solis far was WORTH EVERY PENNY (even when at the time I was a student without an income!). And I have never said that of any place nor written a review of any product or service online before! I walked out of there feeling like a MILLION dollars – a complete STAR. (I had never felt like that before in LIFE!)As for Ernesto – he was kind, and very very professional. He put me at ease right away and I was deeply impressed by what an authentic, genuine, and compassionate person he is! He was talkative and social as well – in the good way! – making me feel at ease, and I truly felt and feel that he has real caring for his clients.His communication was simply stellar! This is probably the most important consideration for us clients – as far as understanding our needs, concerns, and giving us the hair that will make us FEEL and BE our best selves! He had excellent listening skills and great empathy for my “hair difficulties” and was great to work with.And just as, if not equally as important – I have never seen someone with so much talent and understanding of HAIR. He truly has a gift and immense experience. Watching Ernesto cut hair is watching an artist at work.If you want to walk out of your next hair appointment feeling like a SUPERSTAR with STAR treatment and superlative SKILL, I cannot recommend Salon Solis and Ernesto highly enough. I have decided never to go to any other place for as long as they are around! I feel comfort that I can trust them with my hair – so much a part of my identity and self-confidence!