Salon Solis is excellent. It’s the only place I’ll go to get my hair cut. Ever. I currently live in the UK and I waited 6 months until I came back to Toronto for a visit to get my haircut by Ernesto. He is the consummate professional, so talented, so sweet, generous, nurturing to his employees and has great taste. The first time I visited Salon Solis, I was donating my hair. Not only did Ernesto prep my hair for donation, but he took every care to make sure I was left with an amazing haircut. The bob he gave me was perfect for my face structure, and when it grew out, it wasn’t awkward looking. This time, he recommended that he cut my bangs. I normally don’t like bangs because of how greasy they can get, but I completely trust Ernesto and allowed him to do it. AND I LOVE THEM. I don’t know how he cut them, but they don’t get greasy at all and they look amazing. He is gifted. Truly. And, for an OWNER of a salon, he is so reasonably priced. I couldn’t recommend Ernesto enough. During my last visit, I also got a complementary session with his in-house make-up artist Dikena. That girl was amazing and the cutest thing in the world. She made me look incredible. I work with make-up artists on a regular basis and Dikena is just as good as some of the best artists in the city. I highly recommend going in to see Dikena before a special night out, even if you’re not going to get your haircut. I’m coming back for sure. I couldn’t recommend Salon Solis more, and specifically Ernesto and Dikena. Go. You will not be disappointed.

Elma K