Donato’s hair salon colour tech and stylist both ruined my hair. I did research for almost a month until I came across Solis hair salon. I didn’t want to risk another bad hair look so I decided it was best to go with Dino and Ernest, the masters themselves. I met with Dino who gave me a full comprehensive consultation for almost a half hour. Really took his time to explain the process to me. I didn’t walk out with a complete makeover because I decided to go through his suggested process so not to ruin my hair but I did end up getting a haircut. Ernest promised to give me the haircut of my life and so he did! His technique is so different from all other salons I had ever been to. If I were to ever give an award to someone for best hair specialist it will most definitely go to Ernest. I walked out feeling like a million bucks. I think my hair looks better than Kim K!!! Thank you Ernest! You are the best