I recently got my hair coloured at salon solis by Dino and my expectations were blown out the window. This being my first time colouring my hair I was extremely nervous and did a whole bunch of research…I couldn’t find a single negative review for this salon and I can certainly see why! When I got there all of the staff was extremely friendly and welcoming and made me feel very comfortable, when it came time for my consult with Dino I informed him of the drastic change I wanted done to my hair (going from a natural blonde to a platinum ash coloured blonde) he was completely honest with me and did inform me of the risk but told me he was willing to go for it if I was, so I went for it! The outcome was just unreal! Throughout the process I was very nervous, the hair was bleached twice before putting the ash into it but when it came time to see the result I was so happy with it I literally shrieked, it nearly brought tears to my eyes! The next thing I was worried about was the fact that my hair would be completely dead and feel like straw, but Dino informed me keeping it well conditioned would prevent that from happening, he also recommended a conditioning mask for my hair to keep it conditioned and it’s been working fabulously. This has by far been the best experience I’ve received with any salon and very worth the cost!!! I would absolutely recommend this salon to anyone and everyone. I will definitely be returning soon to keep up with the colour! The salon and its staff are amazing!!!! Thank you guys so much! :)