I’ve been a loyal client of Solis for the past 7 years. I have a head of curls, and trying to find a stylist who can cut curly hair has been a life long challenge. I was introduced to Ernesto and Dino through a friend who insisted I sit their chair and throw caution to the wind. That day was life changing. Ernesto is brilliant, and my hair has never looked this good, but there’s more. I went back a week later and let Dino do his”colour” thing. Honestly, I never thought it was possible…frizz transformed into tight thick curls, gorgeous highlights and lowlights, natural and hydrated…unbelievable! Dino taught me the secret technique to getting beautiful curls…no one has ever done that. For me, the boys compliment each other, and I’m never going anywhere else!! A thousand gold stars for Salon Solis!!!

Kim Sheppard